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Flash (Comic)

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About Flash (Comic)

Flash comic is an experience. Look at all the exciting things Flash can do. Flash can vibrate through solids, but not without causing them to explode. Inside Flash's earpieces are radios tuned to police band and emergency frequencies. Flash can reach a top velocity of just under light speed. Any faster and he merges with the Speed Force. Though he cannot affect people or things at rest, Flash can lend velocity to moving objects. Wally West, aka the Flash, has mastered speed tricks beyond those that Jay Garrick (the original Flash) and Barry knew. He has also learned that his origin may have been no accident at all... apparently, there is an energy field beyond the light speed barrier from which all speedsters draw their power, a Speed Force that may have chosen Wally for a reason yet to be revealed.

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Who publishes Flash (Comic) Magazine?
Flash (Comic) Magazine is published by N/A.
How often is Flash (Comic) Magazine mailed?
Flash (Comic) Magazine is printed and mailed Monthly.
If I order Flash (Comic) Magazine today, when will my first issue arrive?
If you order today (05/26/2017) your first issue should arrive in the mail Between 07/28/2017 and 08/25/2017.
What is the Universal Magazine Code for Flash (Comic) Magazine ?
The UMC is 103Y.