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Green Lantern (Comic)

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About Green Lantern (Comic)

Green Lantern combines cutting with debonair. Freelance artist Kyle Rayner was used to creating on a canvas or a sketchpad, but when the sole remaining Guardian of the Universe handed him the last power ring, Kyle could turn his imagination into reality. The immediate successor to legendary Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Kyle was relatively inexperienced, but compensated for it with his eagerness and fertile imagination. At first fairly cavalier about the heroic mantle he'd inherited, Kyle was forced to face responsibility when his girlfriend, Alex DeWitt, was murdered by the villain Major Force. Since then, he's come to understand the legacy left by the long line of Green Lanterns, and feels the pressure of carrying on the proud tradition. Growing into his role gradually, Kyle's come to embrace being Green Lantern, his membership in the Justice League giving him the opportunity to take his place among the world's greatest heroes.

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Who publishes Green Lantern (Comic) Magazine?
Green Lantern (Comic) Magazine is published by N/A.
How often is Green Lantern (Comic) Magazine mailed?
Green Lantern (Comic) Magazine is printed and mailed Monthly.
If I order Green Lantern (Comic) Magazine today, when will my first issue arrive?
If you order today (05/24/2017) your first issue should arrive in the mail Between 07/26/2017 and 08/23/2017.
What is the Universal Magazine Code for Green Lantern (Comic) Magazine ?
The UMC is 0424.