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    Many people are surprised to find out that in this digital age, magazine subscriptions are a hot gift idea. Readers still enjoy the connection to a physical magazine rather than the screen on their computer, phone or tablet. In fact, many readers enjoy magazines because...

  • Magazine Deals - How to Bargain Hunt for Your Favorite Magazine Subscriptions

    Magazine subscriptions are one of the best values available when buying for yourself or choosing a gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or other special occasion. Here are three tips for finding magazine subscription deals you or your gift recipient will enjoy throughout the year...

  • Garden & Gun Magazine: How to Enjoy the Southern Lifestyle

    You don't have to live in the South to embrace the lifestyle that is warm and welcoming, loves the region's traditional food and drink and relaxes on the back porch listening to music with roots in Southern soil. That's why Garden & Gun magazine is such a hit...

  • Print vs Digital Magazines & Why Print Isn't Dead

    In a time when all of us rely on digital devices for work, communication and finding information, why are print magazines still so popular? Why do magazine subscriptions remain a hot gift idea? Let's take a look at why magazines in print aren't dead, but are still a part of all of our lives...

  • A Brief History of Magazines and Subscriptions

    Magazines have been a staple of information and entertainment for the masses for nearly 300 years! The earliest English-language magazines date to the 1730s with The Gentleman's Magazine being the very first...

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