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Print vs Digital Magazines & Why Print Isn't Dead


Print vs Digital Magazines            In a time when all of us rely on digital devices for work, communication and finding information, why are print magazines still so popular? Why do magazine subscriptions remain a hot gift idea?

Let's take a look at why magazines in print aren't dead, but are still a part of all of our lives.

Five Reasons We Read Magazines

Here are the most common reasons given when people are asked why they enjoy reading magazines.

1. Magazines are Informative
Juicy news about our favorite celebrity, tasty recipes for dinner, fun and effective activities for staying fit and proven financial strategies are just a few of the reasons we pick up magazines. They are packed with the information we want in any category of interest.

2. Magazines are Easy to Use and Portable
Most weigh just ounces, so they're ideal for reading anywhere without fatigue. Put your copy of People, Forbes, Sports Illustrated or ESPN, or one of a thousand other titles, in your tote, briefcase, pocket or purse, and it goes with you to work, the dentist's office or the airport. Magazines are much simpler to use than lugging around a laptop or transferring material to your tablet or e-reader.

3. People Enjoy Flipping Pages
There's a tactile, physical aspect to turning pages and flipping around a magazine that we connect to. It's not just those of us who started reading before the dawn of the digital age; younger readers report enjoying the physical act of reading through the pages of their favorite magazine. Clicking pages on a device simply doesn't offer the same, unique experience.

4. Pages Allow Us to Disconnect; Pixels Don't
While none of us would want to give up our digital devices, a large percentage of adults believe they're too tied to them. Reading digital magazines isn't nearly as enjoyable, because there's also email to respond to, texts to read and phone calls to make. When we pick up a favorite magazine and find a quiet place to read it, we discover the solace that allows us to catch our breath, relax and get away from the digital distractions. Turning away from the screen to the page for a few minutes a day is a valuable break for many.

5. Magazines are Visually Appealing
There's a reason magazine covers are glossy and bright. We like them that way. They are wonderfully presented, whether it's a stunning home on the cover of Architectural Digest, a handsome Corvette on Road & Track, a beautiful model on Allure or a pristine white beach on Conde Nast Traveler. We know that there are more wonderful shots inside. The professional photos are eye candy that boosts feel-good chemicals in our brains.